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The Green Team 

We at ladies Golf are excited to bring a fresh take on the  Australian Ladies Golf Magazine. we have pulled together a great team that are excited to share with you the latest in Ladies golf, travel, instruction and golf  health and beauty. and of course all the you need to know to improve your game.

Nicci Herrera

Publisher and Commercial Manager

Nicci is a keen golfer and also a publisher of another well-known magazine within the beauty industry, and she will bring a whole new fresh prospective to the publication and website.  
 There’s so much to golf from the game, to the competitions, to the fashions, social life and friendships, I am beyond thrilled to be a part of the new world Ladies GOLF. Please reach out to me on any topics you’d like to see featured in the magazine and on our rejuvenated social media sites. This magazine is about you and for you."

Roxanne Williams

Print & Digital Editor 

Roxanne is highly experienced content and copywriter. Producer of creative and/or commercial website content. Feature article contributor for both online & print publications.
Skilled content marketer with a wealth of advertising knowledge. Strong emphasis on creating engaging copy for the tourism industry and the following sectors: luxury travel, lifestyle, wellness, sustainable tourism, sports, fashion, dining, arts & culture. 

Zac Davy 

Graphic Designer 

With up to 11 years of experience, Zac Davey is an all round designer from layouts to digital. Head creative and owner of Paradox Studios, Zac will take any brief and breathe life into the project. Making his start from advertising agencies onto in-house publication houses, freelance creative direction and eventually creative studio management. Zac has worked to become a highly versatile traditional and digital creative, applying his past experience and an open mind
to each new and exciting project.

Our Expert Contributors

Karen Lunn

CEO Australian Ladies Professional Golf 



Skye Choueiri

Certified PGA Golf Professional & Golf Instructor


Rick Woelfel

Women's Golf Correspondent 


Joanne Turner 

Sports Dietician & Excercise Physiologist


Adriana Donnola 

Beauty & Lifestyle Editor 


Jenny Sevil (Jones) 

Golf Mindset Coach 


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